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Another sign that warm weather is here is the roar of a motorcycle as it drives down your street. Like many things in life, a motorcycle must be respected by the rider and other motorists who share the road. Motorcycles are small, hard to see, and fast. READ MORE >>

1. Inspect your lawn. Before cutting your lawn, take a quick walk around your property. Look for debris that could cause injury if it shot out of your lawn mower, including Stones Sticks Mulch Children’s toys READ MORE >>

On your drive home from work, are you reviewing your evening activities on your calendar, texting your friend, or speaking with your spouse on the phone? If so, you're being a distracted driver which can be deadly. April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month and a nice opportunity to look at how distracted you are when behind the wheel. READ MORE >>


Five common appliances that cause house fires Our homes today are filled with electronics and appliances that make our lives easier and provide us with entertainment. DVD players, big screen TVs, video game systems, and cable/satellite TV boxes overload our electrical outlets and fill up our entertainment centers. READ MORE >>

   Heritage Insurance Group is proud to announce agency principal, Mark Lowry is an Endorsed Local Provider (ELP) by Dave Ramsey. Insurance professionals who become an ELP are carefully selected independent insurance agents who recommend the same coverages Dave does, and can provide you with choices and options to meet your needs and budget. READ MORE >>

Here are some tips below to teach your kids how to be thankful this holiday season and all year round: 1. Lead by example. Say “thank you” in your home. Show appreciation to your kids when they do something you asked of them. When others serve you, like at a store or restaurant, give them a genuine thank you. READ MORE >>

The weather outside is frightful, meaning it's that time of year when temperatures are freezing and roads are slick. Your car is the most precious thing you have between yourself and the road. Unfortunately, you may be making maintenance and driving mistakes that will cost you and your automobile dearly. READ MORE >>

If you plan on buying your kids a pet this holiday season, here are some things to consider. Make sure you’re committed. Having a pet is a big responsibility for a family. Everybody is committed when they see cute little puppies or kittens. But what happens when they grow up and start to look like Puss N Boots? READ MORE >>

Because the days are getting shorter, we start doing a lot more things in the dark. Walking the dog, running or biking, last-minute yard work, and driving are just a few. Nationwide, almost half of all driving deaths happen at night, which is three times greater than during the day. READ MORE >>

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